Reading Goals for 2019

I set my goal for 48 books on the Goodreads website which should be easy because 47 of them will be single issue comic books…lol. Actually it will be a mixture of a lot of different books I like to read…

In Libris Veritas

goals 2019

Ah reading goals, the things I come up with then promptly forget about. Thankfully I tend to naturally complete them over time, but it’s not because I’m trying which is both great and incredibly dumb. So this year I plan to be a little bit more on top of my goals and keep track of them throughout the year as opposed to when someone reminds me of them or at the end of the year. So here we go! I’ll explain each one in depth below.

goals listed.pngRead at least one nonfiction book a month: I avoided forcing myself to read certain genres (outside of SFF, because that will happen regardless) or themes in this list because TBRs or strict guidelines are the opposite of helpful for me. I instantly rebel at the idea of reading the books, if you don’t believe me…you should watch my update posts during readathons. The…

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